Zone classification drawings and associated documents outlining details of the gas group and temperature classes present. For dust installations
this is included resistivity, layer and cloud ignition temperatures and type of dust present.
Details of environmental external influences- such as ambient temperature and ventilation rates.
Procedures for installation, connection and maintenance of electrical equipment in the hazardous area.
Copies of the certificates of conformity for all the items of electrical equipment that have been installed in the hazardous area.
Reference to any special conditons of use in the certification documents with suffix X.
Details of calculations performed to demonstrate and verify compliance.
Records of electrical tests performed on commissioning. Including evidence of mandatory tests.
Inspection schedules for all equipment in hazardous area.
Records of the selection of the cable entry systems.
Records of past inspections including faults and defects and their subsequent rectification.
Records of repairs and overhauls.
Records of modifications made to equipment including justification. Please note under normal circumstances modification of certified equipment
voids all certification until it is re-certified by an accredited manufacturer.
Material characteristics for hazardous substances. MSDS etc.

It is important to keep this document up to date and available to all maintenance personnel.

Report on the Integrity of Explosion - Protected Equipment in
Hazardous Areas

Attend to Breakdowns in Hazardous Areas - Gas Atmospheres,
Dust Atmospheres, Pressurisation

Install Explosion-Protected Equipment and Wiring Systems - Gas
Atmospheres,  Dust Atmospheres, Pressurisation

Maintain Equipment in Hazardous Areas - Gas Atmospheres, Dust
Atmospheres, Pressurisation

Conduct Testing of Hazardous Area Installations - Gas
Atmospheres, Dust Atmospheres, Pressurisation

Conduct Close Visual and Detailed Inspection of Existing
Hazardous Areas Installations

Hazardous Area Electrical Services



Verification and Compliance

Australian Hazardous Area Selection Chart
HAE Certificate

What Velocity can do for you:

A Verrification Dossier must contain:

Velocity Electrical is qualified to install, maintain and verify your hazardous area electrical projects.

The simplest strategy is to minimize the amount of electrical equipment installed in a hazardous area, either by keeping the equipment out of the area altogether or by making the area less hazardous by process improvements or ventilation with clean air.
Many strategies in electrical installations exist for SAFETY.
Intrinsic safety, non-incendive equipment and wiring methods are practices whereby the apparatus is designed with low power levels and low stored energy. In this way, an arc produced during normal
functioning of the equipment or as a result of equipment failure has insufficient energy to initiate ignition of the explosive mixture.
As part of maintaining and ensuring the safety of hazardous areas, personnel in charge are required to keep a Verification Dossier. This is a legal document that not only shows evidence of compliance but also tracks maintenance and modifications. In the unlikely event of an explosion this document will provide the evidence that shows that all steps possible have been taken to prevent an unsafe environment.
It is a requirement of all sites compile and maintains a dossier containing all the information relating to their hazardous areas and equipment stored within them.
It is the responsibility of the person(s) in control of the installation to ensure the dossier is produced.
Failure to produce the document when legally required to do so can result in severe consequences.
In NSW the following is law:
Velocity Electrical provides a professional edge to completing projects and implementing electrical solutions in areas where dangerous concentrations of dusts, vapours and flammable gases can occur.

We integrate seamlessly with engineers, designers and consultants to get your project up and running right and on time. We are committed to providing quality
workmanship with strong emphasis on safety and good documentation.

We understand the importance of good documentation with regards to installation compliance. We also provide services to create and maintain site specific documentation including verification dossiers.
We also can provide visual and detailed inspections of your hazardous electrical installation as per 60079 series of Australian standards.
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