Velocity Electrical provides a one-stop shop for all trade requirements.  From electrical, fire protection and thermography to property maintenance and hazardous area works.

We offer access to a wide network of trade services and companies through our trusted affiliations:

Velocity Electrical Divisions

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Our Property Maintenance Division

From repairs to maintenance.....
Established as a Property Maintenance Business, CIMI delivers on all your Commercial, Industrial and Residential Repairs and Maintenance.

If you have any requirements in your establishment beyond the scope of electrical work, CIMI can provide you with assistance.
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Our Solar Division

Providing Australians with clean, renewable energy.

Velocity Electrical licensed eco-smart electricians are certified BCSE (Clean Energy Council) Grid Connect Solar System installers.

On average our certified installers will take from half a day to a day for full installation (1-5 kw). They will also advise you how to ensure optimal positioning of the array and operation of the PV system.

Velocity Electrical article in The Australian February 19, 2010 (Print) / (online)

With an average of 7.5 sun hours per day during the summer months, Australia is one of the sunniest countries in the world.
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Our Thermography Division

Detect potentially serious faults in advance.......
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Reduce your bottom line in electrical maintenance costs!
What is Thermography?
It is simply a picture of heat. Everything radiates a particular intensity of thermal energy. This is invisible to the human eye.

With Thermalec's infrared imaging instrument the thermal energy surrounding us can be detected, imaged, measured and stored for analysis.
Most problems in an electrical system are preceded by a change in temperature. Thermalec's properly trained and experienced thermographer is able to identify and analyse these problems, conduct a survey and submit a report as part of an electrical maintenance plan prior to a costly failure.
Why is requesting a survey essential:
Reduction in dissembling, rebuilding and/or repairing
components which are otherwise in good condition
Identification of faults long before they become critical
OH&S compliant - eliminate potential injuries to employees
and lower insurance costs
Reduction of the number and cost of electrical outages
Efficient inspections during electrical maintenance - no
service interruption is required

Our Fire Protection Division

Who is XFP?
XFP PTY LTD - is a Fire Protection Company covering the entire
Sydney region and operating 24hrs for service calls.

What can XFP do for you?
We carry out all types of Fire Protection Installations and
Maintenance. This includes maintenance contracts and servicing
through to complete certification of:

Existing fire protection installations, pumps, sprinkler
system, fire doors and hose reels
Exit and emergency lighting
Signage, fire extinguishers and smoke detectors
Occupant warning systems
Fire Hose Reels and Hydrants
Smoke detection
Fire rating (penetrations and control joints)

Our experienced staff can visit your site as part of our contract quotation to recommend how to improve fire safety at your site. We will complete an asset register which is checked and maintained to AS1851 and we include Annual Fire safety statements as part of our ongoincontracts so you don't have to worry about missing the renewal date.

How does XFP operate?
Our staff operate on a paperless reporting system, accessible by our customers via the web, so you can see the status of your fire protection equipment from any internet linked Computer.

We are fully insured for public liability and professional indemnity and we are Corporate Members of the Fire Protection Association Australia which is the industry body for Fire Protection companies.
Fire Protection
Email or CALL us now for a quote on (02) 8212 4801
for safety and peace of mind.
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